Hard Disk Drive Duplicators

Can’t have just one hard drive? Want to be able to produce more? Then Aleratec has the best product for you! HDD Copy cruiser is for those who are looking to duplicate hard disk drives and sanitizer, it has a copy rate of 120 MB per second and a third-party certified 7 pass sanitization function. This all impressive product is brought to you by the one and only, Aleratec.

Aleratec is a leading manufacturer and developer of duplicator of hard disk drives, optical disks and USB flash drives. It prides itself with their products that produces great results. Even famous celebrities like music producer and song writer Matthew Ferraro has talked about how he uses Aleratec to create his music.

The HDD Copy Cruiser can perform duplication of up to 5 hard drives all at the same time and sanitizes up to 6 hard drives simultaneously. It has gained good reviews in the market and is available for only $599. For more information regarding the product, please visit their website.

4TB Hard disk


Seagate has just recently announced that they are going to release a new product that is the “industry’s
first ever” 4TB video hard disk drive that is to be used specifically for video applications. These
applications can be for digital video recording, set top boxes, surveillance systems and many more. What
does this mean and what makes it different from any other hard disk drives? Well, for one, this can be
used for long hours. It can be used to support 20 standard definition video streams or 16 high definition
video streams. It also has 24×7 operation capabilities. Bigger than any hard disks in the market today.

In the statement they made about the product, Seagate said this about their product “Purpose-built for
video solutions, the Video 3.5 HDD can store up to 480 hours of high-definition (HD) content making it
the industry’s highest-capacity drive designed specifically for video. Engineered to deliver superior
performance and operation in three key areas of importance to manufacturers– high capacity and streaming
capability, reliability and acoustics— the Video 3.5 HDD is ideal for satellite and cable providers and
surveillance system builders.

Use of a hard disk


A hard disk is a part of a computer, it is something that looks more like a CD storage but it actually has great importance in a computer. You will be surprised to know that a hard disk is the brain of your computer. This is where all the important stuff are installed like the operating system which without it, the computer won’t function.

A hard drive is home to the operating system, programs that are installed and all data files. If you need to use any of the data, it reads it from the hard drive and then uses them.

The cost of a hard disk varies. It depends on the brand and the space available. The bigger the space, the higher the price. You can purchase on as cheap as $10 or as expensive as $300. Trusted and bigger manufacturers will be more expensive but a hard disk drive has a long life and doesn’t break easily.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager


Paragon Software’s latest product is Hard Disk Manager 12 which is the best new software available perfect for small business. It offers server support and flexible technician licensing options for professionals managing small groups of servers. Buying this won’t even break your bank since it is also very affordable. The product is available in both business and premium editions to cater to different needs. How much is it? It is a steal for US$179 Business edition and the $599 Premium edition. The reviews are out and it’s all very good.

Eric B. Rux from Windows IT Pro says “Installation on my Dell Inspiron laptop took only a few minutes. Afterward, I looked through each menu. It didn’t take me long to realize that this product is absolutely chock full of useful features,” he added “I spent some time testing all the product’s features and was impressed with the simplicity that the wizards brought to what could be considered complex tasks.” Definitely a product worth getting since it will make work a lot easier.

Hard drive failure


Hard drives that are made in the recent years are reliable however, there is still a time when you need to change it to a new one. Having backups is still the smartest thing to do and can help you prevent data loss and save you from a major headache when your hard disk drive fails, it’s better to know the problem early and replace the hard disk drive when you see the signs and not when it has decide to fail you. So here are the signs that your hard disk needs replacement:

1. When it takes a long time to boot up. This means it is working hard and is filled with files that it couldn’t work as fast as it used to.

2. When it makes a grinding noise while running, then this means it’s getting old.

3. When the computer often freezes, and you are left without mouse or keyboard input and have to do a hard reset

4. When your computer feels uncomfortably hot and quickly.

Toshiba 4TB


Joining the bandwagon with the release of it’s own 4TB hard disk is Toshiba. If you will remember, Western Digital also unveiled their latest 4TB hard disk earlier in November. Not to be beaten is Toshiba with their own version of impressive storage hardware. This 3.5 inch, 7,200 rpm MG series has the largest capacity that the company has made. Toshiba now offers four drives with a top capacity of 4TB, including two SATA variants, the MG03ACA400 and MG03ACA400Y, as well as two SAS models, the MG03SCA400 and MG03SCP400.

This is perfectly designed for the ever growing business information, and large files from gaming systems. The Toshiba team said “The massive capacity of the MG Series is aimed at conventional RAID storage and arrays, tiered virtual infrastructures for public and private cloud deployments, archives, and disk-based backup and data protection solutions,” The shipment of this product has begun this month and will triple by next year.

Why do we need a disk cloning software?

All your digital photographs, software programs, home videos, music, hardware drivers, documents, etc are copied to another safe location. So even if your main hard-disk runs out of service, you don’t loose any of those irreplaceable treasures.

When you are upgrading the hard-disk of your computer, you can just create a disk image of the original hard-disk and then migrate that disk image onto the new drive. You don’t have to undergo the painful process of reinstalling the OS, all the software or migrating the documents from one hard-disk to another. It’s all done by the disk imaging software.

Free Up Disk Space


Are you panicking because you are running out of hard disk space? Don’t fret. There is always a solution and it won’t cost you anything. Here are some tips to freeing up your PC hard disk space. Remember, Before you do any of these steps, you should perform a full system backup.

If you have a desktop, Windows come with a tool called Disk Clean Up Wizard. What it does is basically search for unwanted files that are safe to delete. From “My Computer” right-click on the drive you want to clean, and choosing the Properties command from the shortcut menu.

Clear Caches. What most people are not aware of is that caches can contain a lot of data that can consume up to 10% of your total hard disk space.

Look for applications that are not of use. When you get a new PC, most of the time it comes with trial applications that are installed by default. Get rid of it, if you don’t use it.

Western Digital Announces New Line of 4TB Hard Drives

Western Digital, one of the top hard drive manufacturers in the world, announced end of last month the release of its new line of enterprise-class storage offerings, perfect for all business applications from local servers to FOREX trading.

Available via their online store, the new line of 3.5-inch nearline hard drives include 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB WD RE SATA drives, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB WD RE SAS drives. The 4TB versions are said to hold the record for having the highest available capacity for commercial hard drives right now, which Fujitsu laid claim to earlier this year.

According to Western Digital, features of the new WD RE SAS and WD RE SATA hard drives include dual port, full duplex connectivity, earth-friendly halogen reduced components, their patented NoTouch™ ramp load technology, Dual Stage Actuation (DSA) and Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF™), and the highest possible reliability and performance.

Price for the new WD RE SATA drives range from $229 (2TB 6GB/s) to $459 (4TB 6GB/s). Prices for the new WD RE SAS hard drives range from $139 (1TB) to $479 (4TB).

Image via Western Digital

Hard Disk Problems

Every tangible thing can conk out anytime. Even if you take care of your things, damage can never be avoided. There are a lot of do it yourself tips on the internet for almost all the possible repairable damages your things at home might encounter.

How about computer damages? If you are a computer expert, then by all means, do the repair on your own. However, if you know nothing about computers and plan to follow a do it yourself tip to fix that computer part (hard disk for example), do not dare experiment. Aside from ruining the warranty of your computer, you might damage more parts inside just by tinkering with it.