Hard drive failure


Hard drives that are made in the recent years are reliable however, there is still a time when you need to change it to a new one. Having backups is still the smartest thing to do and can help you prevent data loss and save you from a major headache when your hard disk drive fails, it’s better to know the problem early and replace the hard disk drive when you see the signs and not when it has decide to fail you. So here are the signs that your hard disk needs replacement:

1. When it takes a long time to boot up. This means it is working hard and is filled with files that it couldn’t work as fast as it used to.

2. When it makes a grinding noise while running, then this means it’s getting old.

3. When the computer often freezes, and you are left without mouse or keyboard input and have to do a hard reset

4. When your computer feels uncomfortably hot and quickly.

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