Toshiba 4TB


Joining the bandwagon with the release of it’s own 4TB hard disk is Toshiba. If you will remember, Western Digital also unveiled their latest 4TB hard disk earlier in November. Not to be beaten is Toshiba with their own version of impressive storage hardware. This 3.5 inch, 7,200 rpm MG series has the largest capacity that the company has made. Toshiba now offers four drives with a top capacity of 4TB, including two SATA variants, the MG03ACA400 and MG03ACA400Y, as well as two SAS models, the MG03SCA400 and MG03SCP400.

This is perfectly designed for the ever growing business information, and large files from gaming systems. The Toshiba team said “The massive capacity of the MG Series is aimed at conventional RAID storage and arrays, tiered virtual infrastructures for public and private cloud deployments, archives, and disk-based backup and data protection solutions,” The shipment of this product has begun this month and will triple by next year.

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