Paragon Hard Disk Manager


Paragon Software’s latest product is Hard Disk Manager 12 which is the best new software available perfect for small business. It offers server support and flexible technician licensing options for professionals managing small groups of servers. Buying this won’t even break your bank since it is also very affordable. The product is available in both business and premium editions to cater to different needs. How much is it? It is a steal for US$179 Business edition and the $599 Premium edition. The reviews are out and it’s all very good.

Eric B. Rux from Windows IT Pro says “Installation on my Dell Inspiron laptop took only a few minutes. Afterward, I looked through each menu. It didn’t take me long to realize that this product is absolutely chock full of useful features,” he added “I spent some time testing all the product’s features and was impressed with the simplicity that the wizards brought to what could be considered complex tasks.” Definitely a product worth getting since it will make work a lot easier.

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